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Vita Craft Corporation

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Vita Craft Corporation is a MLM or a multi-level marketing based operating business structure which unites direct marketing with franchising where individuals as an independent contractor associate directly with a parent company. These individuals are reimbursed based on their sales of products or service, as well as the sales achieved by the people they bring into the business.
In 1939, the Vita Craft Corporation was conceived by three businessmen who had a vision of producing finely crafted cookware that would retain vitamins and minerals. Vita Craft has been building on that vision ever since. Vita Craft has grown through years of commitment and excellence.
Vita Craft provides quality products and a treasury of cookware that can help the customers build lavish look and safe handling measures in the home kitchens. Vita Craft's five-ply cookware is composed of three layers of pure aluminum and aluminum alloy covered inside and out with the finest stainless steel available. The cookware is also available in 7 and 9 ply dimensions.

There are plenty of people at Vita Craft trying to tell you that their business opportunity is the best and you should get in while it is still a hot opportunity. They would like to help you find the opportunity that allows you the flexibility and freedom you want and most importantly, the opportunity that suits your personality.

Vita Craft’s mission is to provide the products, business opportunity and support to enable people everywhere to achieve a complete and fulfilled life. Today, Vita Craft has become a global enterprise with a continuous track record of more than two and a half decades of success and stable growth.

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